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Real Property Information for 402205126023 for the 2023 Tax Roll

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312 W 2ND ST  STE 1152
CASPER, WY 82601  
Ownership current through: 1/16/2023

Property Location:

Property Address: 
Property City & Zip: 
Business Name: 

General Parcel Information

Taxing District:
In City of Punta Gorda:
Future Land Use (Comp. Plan):
Low Density Residential  
Market Area / Neighborhood / Subneighborhood:
Map Number:
SOH Base Year:

Sales Information

Date Book/Page Instrument Number Selling Price Sales code Qualification/Disqualification Code
6/20/2021 4797/1218 2967089 $4,300 VACANT 37
Click on the book/page or the instrument number to view transaction document images on the Clerk of the Circuit Court's web site.
Click on Qualification/Disqualification Code for a description of the code. Codes are not available prior to 2003.
FEMA Flood Zone (Effective 5/5/2003)
Firm Panel Floodway SFHA Flood Zone FIPS COBRA Community Base Flood Elevation (ft.) Letter of Map Revision (LOMR)
0042G  Out  OUT  12015C  COBRA OUT  120061  0.0   
*If parcel has more than 1 flood zone, refer to the flood maps available on the GIS web site by clicking on View Map below. Flood term definitions.
For more information, please contact Building Construction Services at 941-743-1201.
2022 Value Summary
Approach Land Land Improvements Building Damage Total
Cost Approach         N/A 
Income Approach         N/A  
Market Approach $13,000        $13,000 
Classified Value               N/A  
2022 Certified Tax Roll Values, as of January 1, 2022
Approach County City School Other
Certified Just Value (Just Value reflects 193.011 adjustment.): $11,050   $11,050   $11,050   $11,050  
Certified Assessed Value: $11,050   $11,050   $11,050   $11,050  
Certified Taxable Value: $11,050   $11,050   $11,050   $11,050  

Land Information
Line Description Land Use Zoning Unit Type Units Depth Table/ Factor Acreage
PCH 017 0954 0008   0000  RSF3.5   LOT    
Land Value may be adjusted due to scrub jay habitat. You can access the Board of County Commissioner's website to determine if this parcel is within scrub jay habitat. For more information on scrub jay habitat within Charlotte County, see the County's Natural Resources web site.

Legal Description:

Short Legal:
PCH 017 0954 0008
Long Legal:
PORT CHARLOTTE SEC17 BLK954 LT 8 309/536 AFF2760/320-DAW PRO5-1846-AEW 2779/1378 2779/1394
Data Last Updated: 1/25/2023- Printed On: 1/26/2023.