Charlotte County Property Appraiser - Paul L. Polk, CFA, AAS, RES

Building Use Codes

Code Description Building Type
0100 Single Family Residential
0101 Single Family/Determined Unlivable Residential
0102 Single Family/Cluster Home Residential
0105 Residential with office Residential
0106 Modular Home/Single Family Use Residential
0108 Single Family Residence with Guest/Separate Living Unit Residential
0200 Mobile Homes Mobile Home
0201 Mobile Home Determined Unlivable Mobile Home
0204 Mobile Homes on a Land Condominium Mobile Home
0205 Travel Trailer Mobile Home
0300 Multi-family 10 units or more Residential
0400 Residential Condominium Condo
0401 Unlivable Residential Condominium Condo
0403 Zero Lot Lines Condo
0404 Garage Condominium Condo
0405 Boat Slip Condominium Condo
0430 Timesharing Residential
0600 Retirement Homes (not eligible for exemption under 196.192) Residential
0601 Residential ACLF Residential
0700 Miscellaneous Residential Residential
0701 Unlivable Miscellaneous Building Residential
0800 Duplex 2 units Residential
0801 Triplex 3 units Residential
0802 Quadraplex 4 units Residential
0803 Pentaplex 5 units Residential
0804 Sexaplex 6 units Residential
0805 Septaplex 7 units Residential
0806 Octaplex 8 units Residential
0807 Nonaplex 9 units Residential
0810 Multi-family Determined Unlivable Residential
0813 Split Duplex Residential
0814 Multi-End Unit Residential
0815 Multi-Interior Unit Residential
0902 Residential Subdivision Common Element/Area Residential
0908 Residential Condominium Common Element Residential
1010 Any Commercial Building Determined Unlivable or Condemned Commercial
1100 Stores, one story Commercial
1101 Retail Store Commercial
1102 Retail Store mixed business Commercial
1103 Multi Story Retail M Commercial
1104 Retail Condominium Condo
1105 Commercial Building on Land Condominium Condo
1170 Miscellaneous Commercial Commercial
1178 Commercial Common Element Commercial
1198 Convenient store with gas Commercial
1199 Convenient store without gas Commercial
1200 Mixed use store and office or store and residential or residential combination Commercial
1201 Mixed Store and Residential Commercial
1202 Unlivable Commercial Condominium Condo
1203 Shell Commercial Condominium Commercial
1300 Department Stores Commercial
1301 Department Store with Separate Account Commercial
1302 Discount Store with Separate Account Commercial
1400 Supermarkets Commercial
1401 Free Standing Drug Store Commercial
1402 Free Standing Supermarket Commercial
1500 Regional Shopping Centers Commercial
1600 Shopping Centers Commercial
1601 Community Shopping Centers Commercial
1602 Neighborhood Shopping Centers Commercial
1700 Office Buildings non-professional services buildings, one story Commercial
1701 Office Building 100% Commercial
1702 Office BuildingWarehouse Commercial
1800 Office Buildings non-professional services buildings, multi-story Commercial
1801 Multi-Story Professional Commercial
1802 Multi-Story Medical Commercial
1803 Multi-Story with Bank 1st Floor Commercial
1900 Professional services buildings Commercial
1901 Medical Service Offices Commercial
1902 Professional Service Offices Commercial
1903 Mixed Medical / Professional Offices Commercial
1904 Animal Hospital Commercial
1905 Animal Kennel Commercial
1906 Professional Condominium Condo
1907 Medical Condominium Condo
2000 Airports (private or commercial) bus terminals, marine terminals, piers, marinas Commercial
2001 Dry Boat Storage Commercial
2002 Boat House Commercial
2003 Condo Airport Hangar Condo
2100 Restaurants, cafeterias Commercial
2200 Drive-in restaurants Commercial
2300 Financial institutions (banks, savings and loan companies, mortgage companies, credit services) Commercial
2400 Insurance company offices Commercial
2500 Repair service shops (excluding automotive), radio and T. V. repair, refrigeration service, electric repair, laundries, laundromats Commercial
2501 Work Shops Commercial
2600 Service Stations Commercial
2601 Gas Island Canopies Commercial
2700 Auto sales, auto repair and storage, auto service shop, body and fender shops, commercial garages, farm and machinery sales and services, auto rental, marine equipment, mobile home sales, motorcycles, construction vehicle sales Commercial
2800 Mobile Home Parks/RV Parks Commercial
2801 Parking lots (commercial or patron) Commercial
2802 Mobile Home Park Recreation Building Commercial
2803 Mobile Home Park Laundry Building Commercial
2804 Mobile Home Park Rest Room Building Commercial
2805 Mobile Home Park Shuffle Board Canopies Commercial
2806 Mobile Home Park Pump House Commercial
2807 Mobile Home Park Gazebo's Commercial
2808 Mobile Home / RV Park Amenities included in the per site valu Commercial
2900 Wholesale outlets, produce houses, manufacturing outlets Commercial
3000 Florist, greenhouses Commercial
3100 Drive-in theaters, open stadiums Commercial
3200 Enclosed theaters, enclosed stadiums Commercial
3300 Nightclubs, cocktail lounges, bars Commercial
3400 Bowling alleys, skating rinks, pool halls, enclosed arenas Commercial
3409 Modular Office Commercial
3410 Modular Classroom Commercial
3500 Tourist attractions, permanent exhibits, other entertainment facilities, fairgrounds (privately owned) Commercial
3501 Concession Stands Commercial
3502 Dugout Commercial
3503 Press Boxes Commercial
3504 Picnic Shelters Commercial
3505 Health Club/Tennis Courts Commercial
3600 Camps Commercial
3700 Race tracks: horse, auto, or dog Commercial
3800 Golf courses, driving ranges Commercial
3801 Golf Pro Shop Commercial
3802 Golf Country Club Building Commercial
3803 Golf Carts Building Commercial
3804 Storage Building Commercial
3805 Maintenance Building Commercial
3900 Hotels, motels Commercial
4100 Light manufacturing, small equipment, manufacturing plants, small machine shops, instrument manufacturing printing plants Commercial
4200 Heavy industrial, heavy equipment manufacturing, large machine shops, foundries, steel fabricating plants, auto or aircraft plants Commercial
4300 Lumber yards, sawmills, planing mills Commercial
4400 Packing plants, fruit and vegetable packing plants, meat packing plants Commercial
4500 Canneries, fruit and vegetable, bottlers and brewers distilleries, wineries Commercial
4600 Other food processing, candy factories, bakeries, potato chip factories Commercial
4700 Mineral processing, phosphate processing, cement plants, refineries, clay plants, rock and gravel plants Commercial
4800 Warehousing, distribution terminals, trucking terminals, van and storage warehousing Commercial
4801 Warehouse Condominium Condo
4802 Flex Condominium Condo
4810 Mini Storage / Warehouse Commercial
4900 Open storage, new and used building supplies, junk yards, auto wrecking, fuel storage, equipment and material storage Commercial
4901 Bridges Commercial
4902 Water Towers Commercial
4903 Tunnels Commercial
4904 Water Tank, Steel Commercial
4905 Water Tank, Conc Commercial
5000 Improved Farm Residential
5001 Agricultural Pole Barn-1 enclosed side Residential
5002 Agricultural Pole Barn-2 enclosed sides Residential
5003 Agricultural Pole Barn-3 enclosed sides Residential
5004 Agricultural Pole Barn-no enclosed sides Residential
7100 Churches Commercial
7200 Private schools and colleges Commercial
7300 Privately owned hospitals Commercial
7400 Homes for the aged Commercial
7500 Orphanages, other non-profit or charitable services Commercial
7600 Mortuaries, cemeteries, crematoriums Commercial
7601 Mausoleums, Crypts, Niches Conveyed Commercial
7700 Clubs, lodges, union halls Commercial
7800 Sanitariums, convalescent and rest homes Commercial
7900 Cultural organizations, facilities Commercial
8100 Military Commercial
8200 Forest, parks, recreational areas Commercial
8300 Public county schools - include all property of Board of Public Commercial
8301 Covered Walkway Commercial
8302 Covered Canopies Commercial
8305 Public Educational Support Building Commercial
8400 Colleges Commercial
8405 Private Educational Support Building Commercial
8500 Hospitals Commercial
8600 Counties (other than public schools, colleges, hospitals) including non-municipal local governments Commercial
8700 State other than military, forests, parks, recreational areas, hospitals, colleges Commercial
8800 Federal other than military, forests, parks, recreational areas, hospitals, colleges Commercial
8900 Municipal other than parks, recreational areas, colleges, hospitals Commercial
9100 Utility, gas and electricity, telephone and telegraph, locally assessed railroads, water and sewer service, pipelines, canals, radio/television communication Commercial