Charlotte County Property Appraiser - Paul L. Polk, CFA, AAS

New Parcel ID Number

The Charlotte County Property Appraiser together with Charlotte County's GIS Department developed new geographically based parcel ID numbers to be used throughout the county. The new numbers are designed to make it easier to identify where a parcel is in the county just by looking at the parcel ID. A detailed explanation of the new numbering system is available.

In order to make the transition easier, the old parcel ID will still be displayed on this web site, as well as on any mailings from this office. Also, this web site will accept either parcel ID. Over the next several weeks, all web sites that reference parcel ID's throughout the county will be transitioning to the new number.

This new numbering system corresponds with GIS's work to move to a modernized Land Management System. The new system is designed to make updating county GIS maps easier and more accurate. It will also eliminate time consuming redundant tasks, streamlining the operations of several departments.

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