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Notice of Proposed Property Tax

News You Can Use: TRIM Notice - Elizabeth Tracy from CC-TV sat down with Charlotte County Property Appraiser Paul Polk to learn about your TRIM notices, Save Our Homes, and Homestead Exemptions.

2022 Notice of Proposed Property Taxes (TRIM) Insert

Differing With The Property Appraiser's Just Value Appraisal

If your opinion of your property's value differs from the Property Appraiser's, by all means please come in and discuss the matter with us. If you have evidence that our appraisal is more than the actual fair market value of your property on the preceding January 1 appraisal date, we will welcome the opportunity to review all pertinent facts. However, please keep in mind that although values are estimated as of January 1, notice of those values is not mailed until mid to late August, almost eight (8) months after the valuation date.

Petition To The Value Adjustment Board

After speaking with us, if you still find a significant difference between our appraisal and what you feel your property's market value is, you may request a hearing before the Value Adjustment Board. A written petition must be filed with the Clerk of the Circuit Court, acting as Clerk of the Value Adjustment Board, during the appropriate filing period, usually late August-early September. Petitions may be obtained at this site or from the Property Appraiser.

The Value Adjustment Board's function is to hear evidence concerning whether or not properties called to their attention are appraised at more or less than their just value on the previous January 1.

The Board also hears appeals of exemption and classified value denial.

But See Us First

The Property Appraiser and staff are at the public's service and will be glad to assist in all matters pertaining to appraisal and exemptions in Charlotte County.

The Property Appraiser's Office is your office. Please feel free at all times to visit and examine our public records.